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Other Ways to Study Classics

Classical Organisations

As well as in schools and universities, access to the classical world is offered in a range of institutions and by groups of many kinds.

Over the years, a large number of associations have been formed to encourage and enable the study of Classics. If you want to pursue your interest further, you should get in touch with one of these: all of them are friendly and welcoming to new members who want to find out more.

Or follow this link for where you can find out more.

Summer Schools

There are many summer courses available of varying length. These are conveniently collected in the JACT List of Summer Schools.

Other Local Activities

There are also many local courses and activities; a good place to start is by getting in touch with your local branch of the Classical Association.

Classics Online

If you wish to pursue your interest without moving from your chair, there are plenty of websites to help you. See in the first instance our web resources page


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